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Early Cancellation Fee – A Big Time DirecTV Scam

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DirecTV ScamHave you received credit cards bill without approval and is your account debited with any early cancellation fee? Then you may be sure that DirecTV has unnecessarily charged you. The provider has goofed up things with its faulty billing system. You may have terminated the contract before the end of its termination date, and so the satellite TV provider may have added credits to bill without authorization.

And if you try to call up the customer care representative for clarification on modified monthly charges or added fees, you will never be satisfied with the answers. Besides, the company doesn’t even bothers to mail you the billing details. Suppose, if anyone else paid the account on your behalf, then he will be charged with the early cancellation fee, in case, you have cancelled your credit card or closed your checking account.

No, you are not the only one who has been deceived by the company; there are many who are facing worst situations with this provider. It has been proved by in depth researches that DirecTV has been indulging into unethical means of trade for long and has continuously cheated its subscribers with deceptive advertising, marketing strategies, faulty billing system, early termination fee, hidden fees, charges and misleading offers.

The Better Business Bureau revealed that over the last 3 years, it had received about 39000 complaints against DirecTV. Therefore, the Attorney Generals have settled this dispute with the satellite TV provider by ordering it to pay whopping $13.25 to all those subscribers who have been wrongly attracted into this goof up since 2007 and to pay $185, 000 to the 50 states of America.

You have time until June9, 2011 to file a petition against DirecTV if you think you have been cheated by the provider. File a suit and get the word out to everyone in the nation, who may be considering to sign with this company for satellite TV connection. At least, this will help consumers to know in advance how companies like DirecTV intend to conduct business.


DirecTV Misled You? Claim Restitution Now

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Claim CompensationThere was much hype about satellite TV providers in the United States of America. They may have offered large number of channels to its subscribers, but it is not worth the package considering the malpractices followed by DIRECTV. Taking them on the face value, each one of them is nice and offering the best of reasonable packages to consumers. But once you take the services, they take you for granted and cheat on you.

Yes, one such provider, DirecTV has been slammed with countless complaints for malpractices, deceptive advertisements and offers and futile promises. They are enjoying an unfair ride on their subscribers. Therefore, Attorney Generals of 50 states of America have ordered the provider to settle disputes by paying a whopping fine of $14.25 million and by compensating subscribers in full.

No, the restitution is not merely based on oral grievances. There have been in-depth researches and investigations for over two years that revealed that the well known provider has continuously broken trade norms and followed unethical practices. It offered schemes and plans with hidden fee and charges. Besides, its marketing and advertising campaigns also turned out to be dubious.  So, if you are also one among many subscribers who are facing hard times with DirecTV and its unfair means of retaining customers, then you should take immediate action.

You should contact the Attorney General of your state and find out whether you are eligible for restitution or not. In case, you are based at California and were misled by DIRECTV, then you can file a complaint against it by June 9, 2011 with the Attorney General. You can even reach them on their official website – or call them at 916.322.3360. Others can contact AG in their state and find out the eligibility and restitution process.

Maybe DirecTV is of the view that they can easily get away scamming people, but don’t prove them right. Raise your voice and claim your rights.


DirecTV Following Unfair Means to Retain Subscribers

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DirecTV, a leading satellite TV provider in the United States of America is deceiving consumers in many ways. Whether it is through promotions, advertisements or showing faulty subscriber database, the provider is sticking to malpractices to hold on subscribers. Yet another process is revealed now. Yes, the company is not following right means to offer packages at lowest rates, so that consumers can really save money with their subscription, but when the company feels that its huge subscriber database is going to be affected, it resorts to unfair means of offering credits to people so that they continue with the subscription.

Yes, a few instances have revealed that when consumers are threatening the provider of discontinuing the subscription, it offers credits to these subscribers.  And if the subscriber is clever enough, then he can well bargain with the customer care agent of DirecTV and even pick the best deals from it. Now is the right time for you to utilize your best negotiating abilities, if you want to get one of the best packages ever and if at all, you want to continue with this satellite TV provider.

Though the process of getting best ever deal is easy, but the method followed in doing so is unethical. A company can definitely offer different schemes to its subscribers so that they continue with the services. But DirecTV is cheating on its subscribers. For it will not offer something if you are at the beginning of the commitment, it will only offer cash credits if your subscription is on the verge of an end. This mean to say that people who have recently subscribed to DirecTV will not get any offer to save money. It also means a lot of people are even unaware of this malpractice being followed by the provider.

If the company would have followed right ways of offering deals to consumers, then its options would been open to all! But this is not true of DirecTV.  It is still finding ways that are unfair and corrupt and is deceiving people at large.