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Satellite TV Held up for Promotion Price Scam

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A lot of people are roped in to the DirecTV scams, which include billing issues, early termination fee, hidden charges, deceptive advertisements and promotional price goof up. One of the leading satellite TV providers in the United States has been mired by several allegations over the years. In fact, it seems as if the list of complaints is continuously increasing by each passing day. Even after settling disputes over long run disputes, people are still getting stuck in different problems arising with this satellite TV giant.

Many consumers have complained that all the promises of DirecTV turn out to be futile. Whatever the company offers is never honored. In fact, while signing up with the company, the deals are different and post subscription, it changes. This is to reassess the fact that as always, the satellite TV company i.e. DirecTV enjoys a ride over its subscribers, once they are into the contract.

Another glaring incident has proved this once again. A DirecTV subscriber has alleged that while entering into a contract with the provider, he was promised that he would receive packages at a promotional price, which was denied later by a manager when he called up. He spent nearly an hour on the phone but without any help. In fact, the billing specialist told him that he will have to call back DirecTV once again, when his promotion is over is over to find out whether he will receive promotional price offers, which he was ‘promised’, while signing up with DirecTV. Moreover, he couldn’t downgrade his services before his premier offer expired, which was again promised to him in the beginning.

The subscriber is upset with the satellite TV giant, for the company always takes consumers for granted. He is irritated and wanted to share his bad experience with DirecTV with everyone. In fact, he is of the view that no one should ever take DirecTV to enjoy satellite TV services.


DirecTV Programming Rip-off

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DirecTV, one of the well known pay TV providers in USA, has had numerous complaints against it over the last 3 years. Since 2007, people have continuously alleged the company is goofing up things and misleading them over several issues. For this DirecTV had to settle lawsuits with the Attorney General of 50 States of America by paying a whopping fine. However, till date, a few of the complaints are still coming in regarding DVR receivers, bill settlements, or for programming rip-off. The branded company seems to have been listed in the bad books of the subscribers for its various malpractices.

Satellite TV providers like DirecTV are not expected to follow mismanagement and deceptive practices in businesses. In fact, any business organization should keep up with the fair trade policies and consider consumers to be extremely significant. However, DirecTV is taking customers for granted and utilizing them to its advantage. One of the DirecTV subscribers has complained that DirecTV followed programming goof up with them. They had subscribed to some premium packages whereas the company had programmed them with some inferior pack, which came as a jolt for them.

Moreover, when they got the installation, it took the entire day, since the technician was not proficient in his task. To add to the fuel was when they found out two days later that there was some problem with the reception. And while inspecting, they noticed that their satellite dish was old. This really upset them for they had not expected DirecTV, a popular satellite TV provider to rope them into a big time scam, even after paying what was asked of them.

In fact, even after replacing the receiver, the subscriber still had issues with it. He would lose reception for an entire day every week. And when he complained the same to the customer service department of DirecTV, they would always come up that maintenance excuses. Now, the subscriber feels that had he known that several problems would arise with DirecTV, then he would have never subscribed to it.


DirecTV NFL Ticket Scam

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DirecTVSatellite TV providers like DirecTV in America could end up with so many goof ups in the country are unimaginable. But it is shocking to know that these several scams are true, which have flooded the complaints book of Attorney Generals of 50 states of America and Better Business Bureau. DirecTV has been once again reported to use NFL ticket scam and misled subscribers. It has employed several means to lure customer in to signing up with the company. It used promotional offers and deceived people, giving them half information, and to top it all lied to subscribers to retain them. This is certainly not expected of a huge company like DirecTV.

A subscriber of DirecTV faced difficulty when he was getting the installation done. The process took 4 installers to complete it neatly, which was very frustrating for, as the technicians were not proficient enough to do the required job. After taking a package, he was offered another promotional offer for NFL ticket, where he would get more number of channels for another 5 months and so, he took it. However, he called up DirecTV and confirmed several times that he will only accept the offer provided he doesn’t have to pay higher than the price what he was paying at that time. To this, the DirecTV salesman agreed. In fact, he also said that in case if the subscriber is not satisfied with the program and wanted to return to previous package, he could do that comfortably.

However, post a month, he received a bill with increased price. On calling up DirecTV customer care, he was told that this would be fixed, but nothing happened. In fact, when he tried to move to his earlier pack, he was charged more than $400, which was shocking for him. So, certainly this subscriber faced tough times with DirecTV, who never reveals the truth. He is in a fix as to what can be done, but is very disappointed with the satellite TV giant to follow malpractices into attracting customers employing false offers and deals.